Dingus and Daga, Inc. is an Ohio professional corporation which provides a range of accounting, tax and audit services to numerous clients in the Greater Cleveland area. Our practice was founded in 1954 as a proprietorship by Mr. James A. Dingus, Jr. The practice was reorganized as a partnership in 1975, and was incorporated in 1978. 


Quality of Our Practice 

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service. We have found that development of specific knowledge of our clients' operations and systems is necessary to enable us to assist our clients. As a small firm we are able to gain such knowledge and to provide prompt and personal service.

The quality of our service is best demonstrated by the continued growth of our practice over the past years. A significant portion of this growth results from referrals by existing clients. Additionally, our client retention level is excellent. 

Our firm is routinely Peer Reviewed on a triennial basis. We are pleased to have had unqualified Peer Review reports.

Training and Development of Our Professionals 

We believe training and development of our professionals is essential to maintaining the high quality service we provide to our clients. Accordingly, we strongly encourage our young professionals to become certified public accountants (CPAs). We also reimburse our professionals for costs associated with taking the CPA examination. Also, our professionals are required to continue their professional development on an annual basis.

Additionally, we actively participate in educational programs sponsored by the AICPA and OSCPA. We reimburse our professionals for the costs of attending such qualified continuing education courses. 

Participation with other Professional Accounting Firms 

We believe that participation with other accounting firms affords our professionals an opportunity to gain additional experience. Therefore, we encourage such participation. 

We participate with most international accounting firms on the audits of counties, municipalities, transit authorities, not for profit, exempt organizations and educational institutions. 


Our firm is committed to high standards of professionalism. Accordingly, our policy on independence is very restrictive, and is in total compliance with the guidelines established by rules of the American Institute of CPAs. We recognize the fact that without independence, technical competence, no matter how excellent, will be of no value. Our policy on independence and objectivity is based on the following principles: 

1. That independence and objectivity is the only sound basis for a professional relationship with our clients, not only for our firm, but also for the individuals in it and for our clients. 

2. That any one who is associated with our firm should not benefit from any confidential (Insider) information that he or she receives relative to clients. 

3. That our firm does not want to put our clients or ourselves in any position of presumptive bias in view.

We also believe a strong trait of professionalism is confidentiality. Therefore, we require that our professionals not disclose any confidential information obtained in the course of a professional engagement except with the consent of the client or order of a competent legal authority. 


We are committed to maintaining the maximum continuity of our professionals assigned to your account.



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